President's Message

Stafford Regional Black Chamber of Commerce

Lamont Brown President of Stafford Regional Black Chamber of Commerce

Many of us were attracted to the Stafford Region because of its location, its school system, and its strong job market. In addition to these great reasons our region is the home of a growing Black and minority owned Business community.

The Stafford Regional Black Chamber was established in 2015 to meet the needs of this growing community of businesses and business owners. Our mission is focused on supporting the growth of healthy Black and Minority owned businesses. Since our inception we've focused on building a community of business owners who are prepared to benefit from the regions opportunities.

As we look forward, we welcome the opportunity to help the community to be a great place to grow a healthy business. Most importantly we welcome you and all interested in being a part of the development and growth of the regions Black and minority owned business community. 

Lamont Brown
President, Stafford Regional Black Chamber of Commerce

Lamont Brown
Stafford Regional Black Chamber is here to help Black and Minority owned business achieve their business goals Lamont Brown